Slough Rink Closure October 2016

I’ve just heard the very disturbing news that Slough Borough Council have no intention of providing any temporary rink whilst refurbishing the existing one.

The rink is due to shut in October 2016 and puts our SPICE plans to attend the 2017 Special Hockey tournament into disarray.

Its ironic as this is announced one week after SPICE’s synchronised skating team, Absolutely SPICE, wowed the audience at Nottingham with their exhibition skate during the 2016 British Synchronised Skating Championship.

SPICE members live for our Sunday morning sessions. Each week, up to 120 members, siblings and volunteers attend, being watched on by their parents and guardians. Whilst recognising that ice skating is a sport and all public budgets are tight, SPICE is providing far more than ice skating lessons. We are a community, a family of people all supporting each other, providing essential fitness, well being and self esteem to a group of vulnerable young people and adults. We are also a support service for parents, by our very nature, totally inclusive. We care and help each other.

SPICE has become deeply entrenched in the local community and has been providing a free service for Slough Borough Council, supporting children and young adults with additional needs since it’s inception in 2002.

SPICE has never received a penny support from SBC so I suppose they don’t feel obliged to consider us now!

Very disappointed that all the efforts of our volunteers and trustees shouldn’t be considered or even communicated with.

Ricci Hodgson


SPICE Special People on ICE