How To Join

Who Can Benefit?

Any young person who has additional needs is welcome to come along and watch us in action before deciding to join us. Never ice skated before? Not a problem! We can teach you.

Our members benefit from improved mobility, social interaction and a strong sense of achievement whilst our parents also love the opportunity to sit down and have a natter whilst knowing that their children/young adults are in safe hands.

When does SPICE run?

SPICE runs throughout the year and offers ice skating and ice hockey tuition from 11:15 am to 13:00 pm each Sunday.

What does it cost to join?

We are funded solely by member subscriptions and our fundraising activities.

We aim to offer an excellent value for money service and our prices reflect this.

SPICE subscriptions are paid on a monthly basis by direct debit on the 1st of each month.

Learn to Skate Course

The cost per month is £20 for members and £15 for a sibling to share the experience of learning to skate.

Ice Hockey Course

The cost per month is £27 for members and £22 for a SEN sibling and includes access to the Learn to Skate course that runs immediately before the ice hockey training.

If you are suffering hardship issues, please talk to a member of our committee in the strictest confidence.

Pricing is correct as of May 2023.

How do I join?

Currently we are unable to take on any new admissions as we have a long waiting list and we want to get as many new members onto the ice as possible. Please check back in the New Year.

Just before you leave this page!

Could we ask you to consider making a small donation to SPICE as we need continued support for our varied activities?