An open letter to our new Mayor of Slough.

Dear Councillor Dhaliwal,

Firstly congratulations on your appointment as Mayor of Slough.

We represent SPICE, Special People on ICE and operate from the Slough Ice Arena every Sunday.

As you may know, we have been lobbying SBC to provide a temporary ice rink not only for our members but for all for the regular rink users and groups who access the facility 20 hours a day seven days per week.

We understand that a special cabinet meeting had been scheduled for tomorrow regarding this provision, but that you have stepped in and cancelled this meeting in the light of current Labour Party issues.

We would ask you to put the welfare and wellbeing of our vulnerable young members ahead of the party political problems that the Labour party is facing.

We understand that these issues need to be resolved, but not at the expense of 120 volunteers, siblings and members with special needs to whom, SPICE is a vital lifeline.
Without SPICE some of our members may well be excluded from school and others will have no social interaction from week to week.

Finally, I would urge you to watch our video, which highlights in our members own words, what SPICE means to them and what the loss of the rink without any temporary provision would mean.

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