Team SPICE Rock Lee Valley!

Today has been a remarkable day on so many levels.

Our synchronised skating team, Team SPICE opened the Lee Valley Synchronised Skating competition held at the newly refurbished Lee Valley ice rink. The competition was put together by Rio- Louise Sully, daughter of Terry Sully who has probably forgotten more about synchronised skating than most of us will ever understand!

Our members had such a special day! We were looked after from start to finish with lunch provided, support for dressing rooms and onto the ice and then it was up to our skaters to show what they had prepared for the good people of Lee Valley! Beauty and the Beast, our exhibition skate was made better by dresses donated by Terry Sully and Lee Valley.

Two Birds, London, adjusted and blinged to fit our female skaters and Karen Salvage created bows for the girls and ruffled accessories for the boys!

Team SPICE is always developing with members joining and leaving each year. Coach Annie hodgson, under the watchful eye of head SPICE coach, Ryan Sowter, created a routine that was at just the right level, to challenge our skaters and to also make it enjoyable for the viewing public.

We received a standing ovation and I truly believe that once again, we enthused and educated the professional synchro onlookers with our performance.

We hope you enjoyed our performance today. With medals for every member, our Team SPICE left the rink enthralled and for those of you who didn’t manage to catch the routine live, here it is, Team SPICE 2017 – I challenge anyone watching this video to not be impressed by the attitude of our skaters!

Team SPICE knows no bounds!