Team SPICE – Synchro

Having started to coach ice hockey in 2006, our committee wanted something for those members that weren’t drawn to playing ice hockey so in 2013 Team SPICE was formed – our very own synchronized skating team.

Since that beginning,  Team SPICE has had opportunities to skate at the fantastic British Synchronised Skating championship held in Nottingham, England as well as to open several other local events.

Team SPICE was presented with an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Chair of the ISU Synchronised Skating Technical Committee, Christopher Buchanan at the 2017 British Synchronised Skating championship which was amazing!  There wasn’t a dry ice in the house and Team SPICE were giving a standing ovation for their performance!

On Monday 6th November 2017, Team SPICE were delighted to perform their latest exhibition routine to open the Lee Valley Synchronised Skating championship, “Beauty and the Beast”, coached by Annie Hodgson and Slough Head synchro coach, Ryan Sowter.

Special thanks go to Rio and Terry Sully from Lee Valley for all their support and the generous donation of the ice skating dresses for Team SPICE.

Team SPICE performed at the official opening of the refurbished Slough Ice Arena in April 2018 to tumultuous applause!