Four more weeks!

Four more weeks before our rink is due to close.

There are rumours about it staying open for a few more weeks after  28th October, which is the official closure date, but everyone is waiting to hear from SBC as to what the plans are.

I obviously care for SPICE and our members but I really am concerned for all the fifteen skating coaches who depend on the rink for their livelihood and need reassurance that they will still have a job.

Today, despite being aware that the rink is set to close in four weeks time,  we welcomed three new members to SPICE and I’m so pleased to report that each of them really enjoyed their first week with us.

We also welcomed three new volunteers – Hannah, Katelyn and Megan – our volunteers really are the lifeblood of SPICE and we thank you all for giving up your time each Sunday to support SPICE.

With the new Tertiary college year starting, we have had to say goodbye to some great SPICE volunteers, so if you are a level one NISA skater or above, please consider joining SPICE as a volunteer – I assure you that you will get back more than you put in!

Have a great week!